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My hair is currently light blonde and my roots are showing quite badly. I've left my job and and I'm awaiting the return of Art School on 21st September. I cannot afford to keep the blonde so I thought I'll go back to dark brown, but there's one major problem. I'm allergic to PPD maybe seriously, so I'm very cautious about what gets put on my head. I had a talk with someone in my hairdressers a week ago for advice on the matter and she said it  would be okay to do knowing that I have this allergy. I just presumed they would use foils so I made an appointment.
I get to the hairdressers today for 9.30am and Kylie my hairdresser,says "You'll be wanting highlights then?" I said, "No, it was supposed to be coloured brown"
Turns out the lady I spoke to didn't inform Kylie of my requirements and that using foils wouldn't work. I'd have to get a full head tint without them, but I won't allow it unless I get a skin test. I feel pretty disappointed and frustrated, it would be so much easier if I could just colour my own hair. Anyway I had a bit of colour dabbed onto the back of my neck, it's been on there for four hours now and it doesn't feel too bad. I'll wait until 5pm and see if it gets itchy or swollen. If I think it's okay then I'll try and get a new appointment tomorrow or Thursday. If it's not then I'm stuck with the blonde. Maybe I could try using henna? or some kind of natural dye? but it may not work well with light blonde hair.
Maybe I should just do a Britney Spears, shave my head and start again from scratch. My boyfriend would be horrified *laughs*


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