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petite_claudette ([personal profile] petite_claudette) wrote2009-08-20 02:29 pm


I like my new colour, my neck is slightly itchy though, I do hope it ends there and does not spread. That would be most disappointing. I like having darker hair but I guess I suit blonde as well. I shall try to keep this colour for a while anyway until I get bored of it. Got the dentist to go to later this afternoon. I'm so tired I cannot be bothered with it at all. I have not been sleeping well and I had the most lucid dream this morning, really weird dream in which my sister's flat got invaded by neds at night whilst I was sleeping over. Truth is there are loads of neds that live in her Close, it's the East end of Glasgow so that's pretty much all you see. I wouldn't live there. Perhaps I'm just being snobby but it's my opinion.